Welcome CollagenMax™

Animal source collagen is not bioavailable and can’t be absorbed by the body. The average molecular size of collagen itself is about 300 kilodaltons (kD). Way to large to be absorbed. The size of the molecule is imperative – if it’s too large you won’t digest it. In the drinkable formulation CollagenMax™ the molecules are tiny but multiple in number, so you can easily digest and absorb them. It is designed to boost the body’s collagen production significantly by switching on several gene expressions.

The unique formulation of the CollagenMax shot, is based on extensive scientific research. Compared to other products, this shot achieves an inside-out-effect through gene activation of the bodys own collagen. Your body will produce more collagen and Elastin, what results in beautiful, firm and young skin. All analytical methylation processes for the studies has been done by HealthBiocare GmbH in Vienna using the Geneometry system. Geneometric analyses is a new and powerful tool our research scientist use to improve beauty formulations to be even more effective.